Pulse Oximeter chart for Normal, Safe, or Low Oxygen Levels

It is crucial to note the meaning of your readings when you use an oximeter for pulses at home.

What is the best way to react to standard, secure, and low blood oxygen levels?

Blood oxygen levels are necessary because they provide information on how oxygen is transported through the body.

A cell can contain more than four oxygen molecules. It is crucial to ensure that you have enough oxygen to keep vital organs such as the brain and the heart functioning at their peak.

Also, the vital organs of your body must have a balanced amount that is oxygen-rich in the blood throughout the day.

It is known as oxygen saturation and can be measured using a pulse oximeter.

Readings of Blood Oxygen Saturation Levels Pulse Oximeter:

Pulse Oximeter Readings:

The quantity of oxygen present in your blood determines the oxygen levels. What are your SpO2 levels?

Normal Blood Oxygen Levels

Is the blood oxygen saturation rate of blood oxygen saturation? It ranges from 95% and 100%.

‘Concerning’ Blood Oxygen Levels

It’s considered an issue when oxygen levels are between 91% and 95%. If you observe an amount that is within the interval, it could be a sign of an illness. It is best to consult your doctor immediately.

Low levels of blood oxygen

The blood’s oxygen level is medically defined as an amount that falls below 90 per cent oxygen saturation. It is an indication of a medical emergency. If your blood oxygen saturation falls below this threshold, call 911 immediately.

Below 85% Oxygen Saturation Levels

The oxygen saturation levels are below 85 per cent, which means the brain suffers from a deficiency of oxygen. The signs include vision problems, vision loss, and complete blackout.


Cyanosis alters the blood oxygen level to about 67 percent.

The skin’s complexion will change to a blue-colored tint because of a deficiency in oxygen transportation by our blood cells. The first areas to be affected are your mouth, lips, and underneath your fingernail’s matrix. Then it will spread all over your body.

Last words

If you use a personal pulse oximeter, you must know the blood oxygen saturation levels if your reading is below 95%.