How to Use Nursing Pillow | 2023 Guide

They’re the most efficient method to aid your baby in getting used to lying down on their back and help keep you comfortable.

If you’re searching for the best breastfeeding pillow, this article can assist in making an educated choice about the best nursing pillows that ease back pain.

Taking care of your and your baby’s health is simpler since you are over each other.

What Is a Nursing Pillow?

The nursing pillows, or feeding or nursing pillows, are essential to the nursing equipment expecting mothers require.

They are designed to facilitate breastfeeding and make it easy. They are great for women looking to ease their neck and back stress, which could become painful when they keep their arms for long durations.

A nursing pillow was explicitly created for breastfeeding. It is an inflatable pillow or foam to hold your baby while feeding them. There’s no alternative to a traditional cushion to rest on and help support a baby’s weight. A good nursing pillow can simplify the process.

Which Type of Feeding Pillow Is Best?

A wide selection of nursing pillows is available in the marketplace. Knowing the various types of nursing pillows in the market is crucial to determine which is right for you.

U-shaped pillow.

This pillow with a U shape is one of the most popular nursing pillows on the market. It’s made to resemble the shape of a “U” and for ease of use and comfort during feeding.

Boppy Nursing Pillow.

The pillow is designed to resemble an hourglass, with one side being taller than the other. It’s made from foam and is accompanied by cotton slipcovers that can be cleaned and removed.

It is a slit on both sides, which allows mothers to rest their arm or elbow when being held by the infant.

Adjustable pillow.

An adjustable nursing pillow has an opening on its side that lets you change the size of the buffer.

The smaller section generally protects the baby’s head while feeding. In contrast, the other side is a cushion while your baby is lying in your lap.

It’s the perfect nursing pillow for mothers beginning to breastfeed and needing an extra hand. It can be tied over your waist and secured by using velcro to provide support for your arms and abdomen.

Twin Z pillow.

It is a Twin Z Pillow that is ideal for women who are pregnant and new mothers. It’s excellent to provide support for both the baby and mommy.

The shape of the pillow is the shape of a “Z,” which helps to breastfeed twins simultaneously. The mothers and their babies can enjoy their own space and not be at a loss to find freedom.

Is It Okay for a Baby to Sleep on a Nursing Pillow?

Nursing pillows are fantastic for helping babies nurse. But they’re not made to be used as a sleep aid. A sleeping pillow could be dangerous for babies.

It is recommended that infants lay on their backs, on an un-porous surface free of pillows or mattresses. Before you put your baby to sleep, remove soft bedding or pillows from the crib.

It isn’t just confined to cribs. Even nursing pillows can increase the risk of the sudden death of infants.

Nursing pillows are an excellent way to foster mother-baby bonding as they offer ease of use and let parents be with their children while nursing. The selection of the best nursing pillow is essential. It can also ensure the baby is safe when it is time for tummy time.

Being sure to select an item of the highest quality can prevent the cost of your purchase from being wasted on a mattress that doesn’t serve you or your child.

How to Use a Breast Feeding Pillow

The nursing pillows are cushions that are specially designed for mothers who are breastfeeding. These pillows are made to help your baby in the proper place to breastfeed.

Utilize a cushion for breastfeeding to ensure your child is in the correct position and decrease the stress on your back.

Selecting a Breastfeeding Pillow

Consider the length of time you’ll be nursing. A nursing pillow can be a great purchase in the long run.

If you are happy using it and find it the right choice for you and your baby, you’ll keep using it until you finish nursing. Take note of this when selecting the pillow you’ll use.

Breastfeeding mothers aren’t legally required to feed their babies for three to four months. If this is the case, there is no need to worry about the length and size of the pillow. A baby in this age group is likely to be able to lie on the majority of pillows without difficulty.

Some mothers prefer to breastfeed for a longer time. If you intend to feed your child for many years instead of only a few months, consider a more oversized pillow to hold a more significant adult.

As a baby gets older and matures, he can hold his head and control motor functions more efficiently. A pillow won’t be required to help you reach the age of one year.

Look at Your Figure and Shape.

Your baby’s weight isn’t always the only factor to consider when choosing the ideal nursing pillow. Understanding your body’s dimensions and shapes is crucial to ensure the cushion you use suits your physique.

A few pillows designed for breastfeeding are made to be worn over your body so that the pillow is positioned to support the head of your baby and neck as you feed them.

Pick the correct pillow to accommodate your midsection following the birth. It is helpful to imagine yourself between 5 to six months pregnant. It will give you an idea of how much space you’ll need.

Breastfeeding pillows come in different shapes, such as those with the “c” shape, “o” shape, and crescent shape. The “c” shape tends to be the most widely used; it is suitable for all bodies and offers adequate arm support.

O-shaped pillows wrap around the body. They can be helpful for those who require additional support following pregnancy due to complications from an E-section.

Crescent designs are designed to wrap over the side of your body. They may not work well for women with trimmer bodies because the sides can rest on one side of the chair, sofa, or wherever you’re sitting. But, crescent-shaped pillows can be changed and adjusted to suit different sizes.

Select if you want Straps to be Secured.

Straps to fasten the pillow are an essential part of nursing pillows. They’re buckles on straps that allow the pad to be placed at the most possible distance from your body.

The main benefit of having straps secured by straps is that they ensure the pillows are secure. They make breastfeeding more comfortable. You can also use straps to help your baby get toward you.

The biggest drawback to straps that are fastened is the difficulty of putting straps on and off. The process of breastfeeding can be pretty unpredictable. The baby may experience issues with vomiting.

Other pets or children could require your attention, which can cause you to take a break from breastfeeding for a brief period. Straps can hinder your ability to react to any issue that might occur.

It should be Easy to Clean.

Breastfeeding pillows can be filthy. Babies vomit or experience other accidents which result in dust accumulation. The most straightforward pillows for breastfeeding are those with covers that can be taken off the machine, washed, and dried.

Particular nursing pillows come with foam inserts that are washable by hand before being placed in a container to dry.

Materials play a crucial aspect in the ease of washing your pillows. In certain situations, organic fabrics can be challenging to clean.

If you’re comfortable with fabrics and padding that aren’t pesticide-free, it is possible to wash your pillows by hand.

Tips for Moms On the Use Of Feeding Pillows

Utilize these pillows while feeding time to create the perfect position for both your child and you.

Nursing mothers love their nursing pillows, also called feeding pillows, which help facilitate nursing and help make breastfeeding more comfortable.

The feeding cushion designed for breastfeeding moms has a U shape worn over the mother’s body. When breastfeeding, they assist the mom’s neck, back, and back.

This article will go over why it’s essential to have a cushion for breastfeeding while breastfeeding, the most effective method to use, and the potential negative consequences of having one.

Is A Feeding Pillow Necessary?

A feeding pillow doesn’t have to be used. However, it’s an option the mother can make. The pillow can be used to sit back and relax while aiding your child.

Many women feel at ease using it to help with their feeding needs. However, others consider it to be optional. Before buying one, you can use an old-fashioned feeding pillow to check if it’s practical and comfortable.

How To Use A Feeding Pillow?

Commercially-made nursing pillows usually have a U-shape in a particular way compared to regular pillows. Here are some suggestions for using standard pillows for breastfeeding.

Put the feeding pillow on your waist before placing the baby in your arms.

You must ensure that you are in a position to feed that allows you to keep the baby as close as you can.

Some nursing pillows can be adjusted with straps that wrap around your body to ensure the pillow is secure.

The straps and the dimensions of your pillows to your personal preference.

The baby’s head must be placed on the pillows. It will support your baby and aid your baby in developing an effective latch.

Choose a pillow for breastfeeding that has removable covers. Sometimes spit-ups occur. The majority of commercially produced breastfeeding pillows can be cleaned in the machine.

In addition to the traditional ones, nursing arm pillows are also available. Instead of being placed on the waist, they can be put under the arm of the mother to provide support for the infant’s head.

Uses of a Feeding Pillow

The advantages of this aren’t restricted to breastfeeding exclusively. A feeding pillow can benefit mom and baby in the ways described below.

Before you even begin to breastfeed, you can use it as a fantastic cushion for your back during pregnancy.

You may strain your shoulders, neck, or back if your breastfeeding posture is incorrect. The pillows can aid you in ensuring your baby is in a comfortable position and may even stop incorrect postures.

If C-sections are performed, the surgical site requires several weeks of healing. The feeding pillow helps lessen tension on the stitches when feeding the baby. Cover the stitches with a nursing towel and then place the cushion on top to prevent any friction from the stitches.

Twins who feed together may be more comfortable with pillows for feeding. Be sure to choose the giant feeding pillow, which will allow the infants to sit to rest comfortably.

Some babies experience stomach acid following a meal. Placing them on the pillows to eat could help stop spit-ups. Pillows could also be used as burping pillows as in addition. Keeping one eye on the infant while they are on the pillows is essential.

If you’ve blocked the milk ducts, try a Dangle feed position. It is when the baby is seated on the back, and you feed them by leaning against the baby’s body.

The breasts are lowered and let gravity assist in clearing the drainage. A baby feeding pillow helps in feeding by allowing the infant to rest.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, the value of tummy time for infants is in strengthening neck and back muscles.

Utilizing pillows to feed your baby and assist your child in Tummy time is possible. The baby’s chest needs to be set on the pad. Keep an eye on your baby to ensure they aren’t resting their head on the pillows.

If the child is old enough and walking some, the feeding pillow will aid in their learning about sitting. Please put it on the legs of the infant to make sure they don’t harm their head in falling.

Side Effects of Nursing Pillows

Despite their many benefits, however, there are adverse side effects associated with nursing pillows.

Nursing pillows don’t come in different sizes. A single size might not fit everyone. A wrongly fitted nursing pillow can create stress.

A poorly-fitting nursing pillow can cause back pain and stiffness in the arm muscles of mothers.

Certain infants might find it uncomfortable to breastfeed when they are on a bed for breastfeeding, instead of the mother’s shoulder.

The pillow could interfere with a proper latch, particularly if the baby is beginning to breastfeed. When using a cushion, let your baby rest on your arms, and then utilize a pillow to provide arm support.

If you’ve grown used to eating your baby through a nursing pillow, it isn’t easy to feed your child even when you don’t have a cushion in certain circumstances like travel.


What extended length can you put on an infant’s pillow?

You will likely require an appropriate pillow to nurse each time you feed your baby. It could happen multiple times every day (or even more!).

When you reach 4 to 6 months old, your baby can control his head and neck more, and you won’t require the pillows anymore.

Do you need to put the baby on a pillow?

Do you believe it’s appropriate for babies to lie on a pillow for nursing? No. It is not recommended. American Academy of Pediatrics recommends that pillows of all kinds should be used in cribs.

But, regardless of what the purpose of an instrument for the nursing pillow is possibly the case, your child should not be allowed to lie on it.

Do you use nursing pads regularly?

Women wear pads every day during nursing. Other women only use them when they are in public. You can also use clean handkerchief squares in your bra. Beware of pads with plastic lines, which can create problems for your nipples to receive enough air.

What happens when my baby is sleeping during nursing?

The genetic programming of babies is to lie on their breasts. The breast is a spot where they can sleep. It’s a common occurrence usually caused by cholecystokinin, commonly called CCK. CCK can cause your baby to feel filled and tired. It is released into your baby’s intestines when they start sucking.

Are baby head pillows safe?

Pediatricians do not recommend pillows for infants because they could increase the risk of suffocation.

Should I wear a bra when nursing?

It’s all about you and your personal preference. Suppose you’re not accustomed to wearing bras; putting on one when breastfeeding is unnecessary. Mothers are usually concerned about the risk of leaks at night, which is another reason to wear an evening bra, which could aid.