How Long Does Meth Stay In Your System?

How long meth stays in your system depends on the dose taken and the drug’s administration method. In general effects of meth are known as methamphetamine, and its typical duration of stay is some hours to days.

The typical duration to stay in the blood is about 3 months. In this article, we will discuss meth, and our main topic of discussion is “How long does meth stay in your system.” We will also discuss how to overcome meth addiction.

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What Is Methamphetamine?

Methamphetamine is the most potent stimulant which affects your central nervous system. It can be easily dissolved in water and alcohol because of its white, odourless, and bitter-tasting crystalline powder.

This drug was derived from its parent drug in the early 20 century. It was used to treat respiratory problems like nasal decongestants and bronchial inhalers.

It causes:

  • Increased activity
  • Talkativeness
  • Decrease appetite
  • Euphoria

How Long Does Meth Stay In Your System?

You can easily detect the presence of meth in your body system from some hours up to months but keep in mind it highly depends on the method to test the drug and its method of administration.

How Long Does Meth Stay In Your Urine?

Meth typically presents in a person’s urine for about 72 hours from the last use. Methamphetamine is metabolized to amphetamine. This is a positive point because drug screening tests will remain positive for both substances, and you can easily detect the presence of the drug.

The ordinary detection period for amphetamine stimulants is about 3 to 5 days after the last time of administration.

Note that the typical duration of this drug is somehow long in individuals who are addicts or participate in chronic activities.

In that case, meth can be detected in urine for about a week. You can also detect meth through hairs, oral fluids, or blood tests.

How Long Does Meth Stay In A Person’s Blood Or Saliva?

You can more accurately detect meth in a person’s blood and saliva compared to urine.

But remember that both these factors come with lower detection intervals than urine.

What Is The Typical Duration Of Meth To Stay In A Person’s Hair?

You can easily detect meth in a user’s hair for about 90 days from the last administration date. It also depends on the type of hair test used to detect meth.

This test is mainly helpful for research studies and for forensic studies. You must know we can’t use it for clinical or workplace testing.

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Summary Of Time To Stay Meth In Your Body System

Body System Time in System
Hair 90 days
Urine 72 hours

It is a harmful drug, and most people become susceptible to meth addiction. It would help if you took appropriate measures to solve this issue as soon as possible.

It is somehow difficult for a person to recover after addiction. Still, recovery becomes easy when a person treats in the early stages.

How Would Your Body Metabolize Meth?

When a person administers meth in his body, a considerable amount of 37 to 54 percent is excreted through urine unchanged.

The remaining quantity of meth is metabolized through hepatic metabolism. The metabolization process occurs in the liver when methamphetamines are converted into these two substances with the help of the polymorphic enzyme cytochrome.

  • Para-hydroxy methamphetamine
  • Amphetamine

In simple terms, when meth enters a person’s body, it is transferred to the liver through different methods; some of its parts are processed via enzymes.

Some are broken down into tiny particles, which are termed metabolites.

After that, this drug is excreted through urine unchanged methamphetamine or processed metabolites. also check this How Long Does Ativan Stay In Your System?

What Is The Typical Duration Of The Test To Detect Meth Presence In The Body?

You can detect meth in the user’s body for a very short interval of time, up to a few hours or less than an hour. The exact amount to be detected also varies from person to person.

Generally, you can detect it for about 4 days after the last use. The most common test to detect meth is urine because it is not expensive compared to blood tests.

Remember, detecting meth in a person’s body is challenging if he has not used meth currently. But you must know you can detect meth in a person’s hair.

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Which Factors Are Responsible To Affect The Presence Of Meth In The User’s Body?

The quantity of meth used will depend on its duration to stay in a person’s body. It is a general rule that when you put more meth in your body than usual, it will take more to release, and thus it will stay longer.

Thus, you can detect it for an extended period due to its long-lasting potential. Furthermore, the organ health of a person can also affect their ability to metabolize meth.

In organ health, liver and kidney health is of core importance.

How Long Do Methamphetamine Effects Last?

It depends on its method of administration.


The effects of meth last for about 2 to 4 hours when you swallow it. The patient/user may feel a sense of euphoria which is not addictive.

It is addictive when you administer it through:

  • Snorting
  • Smoking
  • Injection

Some researches show that it is still addictive, and its effect begins to fade after its peak.

Smoking and injecting

A peak is achieved in minutes when a person administers meth through smoking, injecting, and snorting. The early peak is when the drug reaches a higher centre more rapidly than the swallowing method.

This thing is also responsible for creating a highly addictive rush. By administrating drugs through this method, meth tends to fade more rapidly than the swallowing method.

Do you know about the binge-and-crash method of drug abuse? When a person uses a drug continuously, he takes another dose of the drug after the first dose has ended; this thing causes to make the user high for some days. This thing is known as the binge-and-crash method of drug abuse.

Due to this, a person cannot care about his personal habits like drinking water and eating, and it causes impossible to sleep.

What Do You Know About Meth Withdrawal And Detox Symptoms?

Meth withdrawal is somewhat tricky, but some studies show that some depressive symptoms occur during the first weeks of recovery.

Don’t worry; depression and psychosis are temporary symptoms, and these symptoms go away after the first week of treatment. Remember that the patient will insist on meth for about two weeks. His wish to use meth will decrease with time until 5 weeks.

One thing you must know is that a person may also again use methamphetamine even after successful withdrawal and detoxing from the drug.

Addiction is due to psychological problems because a person depends on drugs to avoid emotional problems and stresses.

Due to this reason, proper treatment of drug addiction is essential, and drug counsellors will assist you in this regard. They will also guide you on how to avoid meth use.

Furthermore, they will also overcome underlying issues which cause them to take meth.

What Is The Half-Life Of Meth?

You know that meth’s half-life is too longer compared to cocaine. The typical half-life of meth is about 9 hours to 24 hours. At this time, blood levels of meth will be reduced by up to 50 per cent.

It takes about four to five elimination half-lives to remove the drug from the system altogether.

Conclusion – How Long, Does Meth Stay In Your System?

How long does meth stay in your system? It depends on the amount of dose taken and the method of administration of the drug.

You can easily detect the presence of meth in your body system from some hours up to months. Meth typically presents in a person’s urine for about 72 hours from the last use.

You can easily detect meth in a user’s hair for about 90 days from the last administration date. The typical half-life of meth is about 9 hours to 24 hours.

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